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Shari Chulak
Shari's work is on display at the Art Truckee Gallery
-July First Friday Featured Artist-

Shari Chulak is a Northern California native, based in Marin county and North Lake Tahoe. She works mainly in acrylic paint and resin, with natural materials such as shells, crystals, stones, and sand in some of her pieces. Shari has a degree in interior design from Fresno State University and worked in commercial design for many years before taking a break to raise her family.

Much of Shari’s art is Tahoe and nature inspired. She expresses her love for Tahoe and nature in her signature pieces, including her “Warhol- inspired- lakes” and Geode art. She also does ocean/beach inspired art. In addition to define art, Shari makes serving pieces such as charcuterie boards, and serving trays.

Shari has always enjoyed creating art, but became seriously focused on the craft during the pandemic, when time and energy were abundant. She started with acrylic flow painting, creating abstract art with a variety of different techniques. She soon added Resin to her craft, learning to perfect Geode art from Agnes Rupp of AGA art studio.

Shari’s Art is also on display at Olympic Village Inn at Palisades, and at TGMA (Todd Gordon Mather Architecture). She was a guest artist at North Tahoe arts Gallery in the summer of 2022. She has also done some commissions with private parties through her business, Mom’s Heart Art.

Shari is excited to show her work at Art Truckee Gallery, where passion for the area and the art are the focus and the perfect blend of local flavor and art come together.

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