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Bridgette Durante
Art Truckee Gallery February & March Featured Artist

Bridgette lives, works and creates from Reno, NV.
She specializes in large scale, fine abstract art that is derived from alcohol ink, 24k gold, & epoxy resin. Working with metal, wood, and canvas for a foundation and finishing everything to perfection. She creates art with the intention to have it be admired by people all over the world forever. She lives a vibrant luxurious life & it shows on her creations. Although she has been an artist since she was a little girl, it wasn’t until 6 years ago when her work started to get recognized and she then began to sell her art. Starting in craft shows, makers shows, farmers markets, pop up shops, displays in coffee shops, thus began an attraction to custom commission work. She now dedicates her time to design, tailor, & create intricate art work for her collectors. It's a valuable process that curates everlasting art & relationships.   This is why, this is Soulful Art.

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