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Greg Drinkwine received his formal art training at the famous Art Students League in New York City. Studying
with David Leffel, Gregg Kreutz and Michael Bourbon. Receiving for merit, scholarships and elected life member by the board of control.

Greg continued his studies in France attending the atelier of Ted Seth Jacobs, L’Ecole Albert Defois.

Greg has exhibited widely and is in private collections both here and abroad.

Paintings on Display at Art Truckee Gallery

-Reclining Nude
8x12  Oil on canvas 
"The model and I spent about a hour, trying different poses and lighting. We decided to take a break. During the break she relaxed into this completely natural pose. I decided to disregard my original idea to paint this beautiful natural pose."

-Seated Nude
22x26  Oil on canvas 
"The model struck this wonderful pose, which was difficult for her to hold. I had to move quickly with the initial underpainting to capture it. The result was fresh and loose.
I had intended to complete the painting in full color, but decided I’d liked it just as it was and signed it."

-Autumn Cabin 
12x16  Oil on Canvas
"This beautiful fall scene is a cabin at Sorenson’s in Hope Valley. The warm back lighting seem to make everything shimmer in rich fall colors. A true joy to paint." 

-Sierra Creek 
12x16  Oil on canvas
"This is a bend in the river flowing through Hope Valley. The scene was filled with textures. Rigid rocks, flowing water, blue sky, and trees, all lit by the warm sunlight a delight to paint." 

-Carson Valley Winter
18x24  Oil on canvas
"I was driving past this ranch shack, and was struck by the warm rich shack colors contrasting the cool colors of winter."

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